Stained Glass Doors

Written by Laurie Nichol
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After decades of formulaic blandness, many architects, builders, homeowners, and interior designers are returning to the tradition of specifying custom-made architectural features. From hand-fired and painted floor tiles to custom-made wood frames and beveled glass designs, "original" is back in style. And stained glass companies are getting more and more commissions for one-of-a-kind stained glass doors.

A Breath of Originality, A Breath of Light

Beveled glass, leaded glass, and full-color stained glass windows -- why shouldn't doors be beautiful? It's so easy to order handmade pieces for installation into your current wood doors or even to have custom doors made. The arts of carpentry and glasswork have been kept alive by dedicated craftsmen and artisans.

Where do people have stained glass doors installed? In an entryway, the addition of a stained glass window to your front door brings a burst of light and color into your home, and announces a spark of individuality to passersby. In an interior room, a custom-made door or stained glass panel invites both the light and the eye into the adjoining space.

So where can you go for more information? Finding out what is possible, and getting answers to budget and construction questions means going to a skilled studio that can take on all factors of the project after a detailed consultation process. Ask around, check out the web, consult local artisans -- there's a whole skilled craft community out there waiting to create beautiful original works.

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