Stained Glass Focus

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Beautiful stained glass windows are marvelous portals for light and life to enter a home, church, or commercial building. The art of stained glass has changed very little over the centuries, with the exception that its modern works are now to be found just about anywhere -- not just in church windows! If you're thinking about having handmade art glass works commissioned, you have the felicitous task ahead of you of selecting elements from the wealth of options available.

Commissioning a Stained Glass Work

If you wish to commission a talented artisan and capable production studio, your options are many. There are stained glass companies who can take on all sizes and scopes of projects. There is no risk involved in having an initial consultation made about your project vision.

The effects created by beautiful art glass windows are truly unique. These conversation pieces are truly future heirlooms, whether they are etched or beveled glass, mosaic designs, or simple glass paintings in and of themselves. The only limits are the boundaries of your imagination.

Workmanship is a prime consideration. When you look for a professional to assist you, you'll want to find one with a background of pertinent expertise you can trust. Luckily, your options are many -- studios with experience in design, in creation, in restoration, and more are to be found, if you just know where to look.

Restoring Priceless Antique Works

As for the extant works which grace famous cathedrals, humble churches, and private collections, there is the issue of care and restoration. There are several major categories of stained glass restoration. Whether you know exactly what issues you need to address, or simply want advice on an upkeep regime, you can find the right help.

Finding professional studios who take on restoration work requires a little research. The art of restoration is both a careful science requiring delicate engineering work as well as an artistic endeavor requiring aesthetic decisions about the original design and modern solutions to the piece's problems. It's important to find a studio with the staff and resources to take on these particular issues.

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