Stained Glass Repair

Written by Laurie Nichol
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The topic of stained glass repair has been gone over in some detail here in Stained Glass Focus. However, we've mostly dwelt on the subject of historic windows in large structures such as churches and temples. Many fine private homes have incredible collections of stained glass windows that also require upkeep and restoration as well.

Historic residential structures that still display their original glasswork are definitely objects of pride. Many period homes, such as Craftsmen homes and Victorians, were originally constructed with beautiful art glass accents. From custom cabinetry with custom doors and beveled glass facings to ornate windows, these architectural elements are definitely to be cherished.

A lot of homeowners whose houses no longer retain these accents are on the market for similar replacements. Many stained glass suppliers and art studios have experience in recreating these pieces. You can use photos of originals or just images from books to have stunning glasswork done.

Stained Glass Repair in the Home

If your home retains its original character accents, you're probably facing some tough decisions. Aging pieces can really detract from your interior and exterior, if they're aging poorly. Excellent craftsmen are able to bring these pieces back to life-try searching your local yellow pages or, better, the Internet to find stained glass repair studios who can do the work you need.

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