Stained Glass Restoration

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Stained glass restoration efforts are in full swing everywhere across the country. So many beautiful historic structures have fallen into disrepair that in recent years, a booming industry has grown up around their care. Windows, as the most delicate and beautiful of their elements, have their own particular issues that need attention.

In some tragic cases, entire ornate windows have been destroyed, due to demolitions, climatic damage, or structural failure. In these cases, when the owners are able to find the right resources, complete stained glass restoration projects can return the buildings to their original splendor. If you have detailed photographs of the windows, then skilled artisans can faithfully re-create these works.

The greater work of the stained glass restoration industry, however, centers around delicate repairs to glasswork and structural frames and leadwork. Craftsmen can blend colors to match any existing panes, and replace them without a hint of change. Warping windows can be shored up by the addition of new structural pieces without any signs of workmanship.

Stained Glass Restoration Costs

The price of having a skilled artist handle your restoration project can vary widely. Depending on the degree of hand labor necessary, and the nature and price of the repair and restoration materials, the spectrum of costs can range from surprisingly low to quite high. When you consider the value (and character!) that these gorgeous historic windows impart to their structures, of course, these prices are actually exceptionally reasonable.

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