Stained Glass Windows

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Stained glass transforms architectural space into enchanted air, the light filtering through hand-crafted designs and delicate lead work make any interior truly special. Stained glass windows, traditionally only found in the grandest churches and cathedrals, have evolved into architectural features of all kinds of homes and commercial buildings. Whether you're searching for a solution for your aging church windows, or are looking for a stained glass design artist to create a new piece for your home or office, your options are many.

Locating Stained Glass Professionals

Art glass has come a long way. The history of stained glass began, of course, with the labor intensive creations of Medieval and Renaissance artisans. In more recent centuries, a trend grew to produce stained glass in more mass-production ways, but this art soon reverted once more to its more dignified, craftsman roots. Now, as many centuries ago, there are dedicated masters in this art who take pride in seeing the whole process of a creation through, from start to finish, and the process of restoring priceless antique items, as well.

You can find stained glass companies in just about every part of the country. Many specialize in just the restoration process, others only in art glass niches like mosaic glass or etched glass. For many people who seek consultation and services in the stained glass window field, however, only those studios with broad experience in every aspect of the art will do.

Whether you need expert advice on caring for and restoration of antique stained glass, or inspired artisanship and project planning for a future dream piece, then you should investigate the full-service glass studios. There is much more to the world of stained glass than you might think.

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