Synagogue Windows

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Synagogue windows are some of the most distinguishing characteristics in these historic buildings. While brick and stonework age gracefully, glasswork often does not. Retaining valuable historic pieces in their original condition is extremely important for caretakers of synagogues.

The issues surrounding synagogue windows and their restoration are many. For one, not all of these buildings have an enormous construction and maintenance budget. Relying on donations for repair work isn't a very large source of funds, usually.

Another thing that halts repair decisions involves the nature of the pieces themselves. Synagogue windows are often singular art pieces whose creators have long since left us. It's common to feel reluctant to touch their work in fear that the original feel could be diminished.

Synagogue Windows and Restoration Experts

Instead of feeling concerned that these historic windows may lose their character in restoration, try consulting an expert craftsman to see how faithfully a repair project could be. The artistry exhibited by the finer studios is well capable of handling repair work that isn't discernible. And the costs associated are often surprisingly affordable!

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