Window Frames

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Window frames can be much more than mere wooden lathes or, god forbid, aluminum frames. Dressing up your home's most lively asset, its windows, should be a creative endeavor. Have you ever noticed that a window frame is a lot like a picture frame?

Window Frames for Living Paintings

The views that are framed by your windows are worthy of artistic frames, are they not? It's a bit of an honor that we can bestow-a nod to our surroundings. You really can have ornate frames created for your own home.

Why not, indeed? If you think that it's time to put some light touches into your interior space, then changing your window frames can really alter the mood. Your natural light source deserves an interesting portal!

What kinds of frames do people have made? The answer depends entirely on your own preferences-those with traditional, wood-furnished homes often have custom frames created from rich heartwoods, and carved to traditional or creative designs of their own making. Others choose quirky, art glass frames that add a little sparkling color to the light coming in. If you haven't browsed any of the leading glass studios' sites, then you have no idea what sorts of designs are possible!

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