Wood Doors

Written by Laurie Nichol
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More and more people are opting to embellish their homes with architectural features hitherto under-utilized in residential design. One type of embellishment that has been popular for a little while is etched glass. Another type of art glass that is starting to make an appearance in, and transform, the modern home, is that of stained glass. Stained glass doors in the interior, and stained glass windows on entry doors are becoming ever more popular.

From Front Doors to Art-Pieces

Hand-carved and finely-beveled wood doors are lovely art pieces in and of themselves. And when a stained glass accent window is added, a whole new dimension is given to them. Custom home builders and creative homeowners are starting to realize that a foyer transformed by luminous designs and colored light becomes something much more than a mere entryway.

If you wish to install stained glass pieces into your existing wood doors, there are art glass studios that can masterfully integrate wonderful new or antique legacy glass pieces into them. A good glass studio will be able to walk you through the process of planning and implementation, and help you answer the questions of design, function, and legality. There are many issues to keep in mind, such as degree of transparency or privacy south, theme, craftsmanship and coloring of the design, and type of glass and techniques used in the window's creation.

Whether you want to integrate stained glass windows into your wood doors, or wish to create magnificent larger pieces for existing window frames or new, in-construction homes, you should definitely consult a professional. Although the actual process requires artists who can actualize your visions and craftsmen with technical know-how, the final product is well worth the work and time invested. In fact, this is an investment that you will be delighted to encounter in your home, day after day!

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