Animal Art

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Animal art is so versatile in interior decorating. People love animals. Most of us have a pet or have had one when we were children. Even grouchy, non-animal lovers may have a vintage print or two displayed on their walls without giving it much thought, because animal art lends a humanizing touch to any room.

Ways to Use Animal Art

It's always great to be able to pair up an elegant interior look with a person's favorite animal. Even for old-world looks, there are vintage illustrations of almost every kind of animal. Horses and dogs are favored among the country-club set, for their aura of elegant breeding. Young girls' rooms look absolutely perfect with a Victorian-era line drawing of an adorable, fluffy kitten on the walls, while young boys are wild about lions and tigers and bears. Oh my.

There are even medieval illustrations of more exotic pets such as ferrets for your favorite little bandit-lover. A solarium or kitchen would find nature scenes with birds suitable, such as a toile type of print. Cute modern animal art is available too, for your kids or teenagers who are wild about cartoon characters or prefer a more pop-art style. Bright colors really spark up a playroom or kids room, while more subdued prints are available in a range of colors to suit your theme.

You can use framed prints, of course, but now there are so many more creative options for animal art. Tapestry wall hangings can soften a large space. They also help muffle sound, so you might want to consider getting big ones for every wall in the kids room. A thin layer of foam on the back can add to that quieting effect, by the way. Not a bad idea for urban apartments either.

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