Country Gifts

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Country gifts are a crowd-pleaser, even among the urban set. The simplicity and charm of country style harkens back to a gentler age. Many people choose this style for all or part of their home decor, so it's a great choice for gift giving. These rustic charmers are a sure way to bring a smile to someone's face.

Country Gifts Come in Many Forms

There are so many choices in this category, when it comes to presents for special occasions; country gifts can often fill the bill. Many people use some form of country style in their kitchens. The combination of country and cooking brings back great memories of homebaked pies and Thanksgiving dinners. Dining sets, with matching placemats, table runners, and napkins are a great idea for housewarming parties. Country-themed sets are great bridal gifts too, especially in kitchen items.

The family room is another place for country gifts. It's a place that's meant to be cozy, so a wall hanging would fit in well. Another great place for a wall hanging would be the kitchen. Roosters and fruit tapestry styles seem to be popular for kitchens. If you're lucky enough to have a craft or sewing room, country style works well there, too.

There are different styles of country designs. The American version, also known as 'farm-house style' is reminiscent of the spacious family farm that was common a century ago. Rooms tend to be white, with lots of gingham. Illustrations of happy animals and rosy-cheeked children are common. French country is similar to Tuscan style, in that it uses brighter colors. Fruit, flowers and olives are common themes, as is the ever-present rooster motif. English country style is more commonly called 'cottage' and is very floral. Luscious, full-blown roses, blue-willow patterned china and blossom covered paths define this style. There are lots of choices available for gift giving in each of these variations of country style.

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