Fabrice De Villeneuve

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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The work of artist Fabrice de Villeneuve embodies the essence of 20s Paris. If you've ever remarked on the charm of a vintage French advertising poster from that era, chances are it was one of his illustrations. A productive artist, de Villeneuve is actually contemporary, but is inspired by the past. He also paints tromp l'oeil scenes of flowers and houses. These are inspired by memories of his childhood growing up in Normandy, France. He currently resides in Canada.

Fabrice de Villeneuve Home Decor

Fabrice de Villeneuve is also a designer. Inspired by his earlier profession as an antique dealer, he wanted to create items to beautify the home. His illustrations are available in a variety of formats to suit your home and your taste. For the artisan, needlepoint and embroidery patterns are a popular choice. The pictures are very tranquil, so if you do handcrafts to relax, you'll probably enjoy this option. The lazier among us would probably prefer to choose from among the many tapestries, wall hangings, posters and pillows that are available, instead.

Fabrice de Villeneuve's subjects include pictures of items like automobiles and coffee in the style of old Paris. These work great for kitchens, dens and boy's room decor. More homey illustrations like fruit still-lives and flowers are perfect for a classic interior in the Continental or Provencal style.

Fabrice de Villeneuve's work also focuses on the rustic sorts of homes we associate with the French countryside. Whitewashed walls, blue shutters and masses of flowers dazzle the eye, just like the real thing would. It's a great way to travel without leaving home. These types of pictures are an indispensable design element for cottage style homes. They create a cozy, happy ambience almost instantly.

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