Floral Tapestries

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Floral tapestries are a great combination of materials and design. The lushness of flowers is emphasized by the plush elegance of tapestry materials. Many wonderful designs are available, from classic designs that look like Old Master still lifes, to sunny modern creations that really brighten up a room.

Mad About Floral Tapestries

It's easy to be crazy about flowers. They're colorful, elegant, and versatile. With floral tapestries, it's easy to have flowers all year round--even if you live where it snows. Pretty, sunny flowers bring a touch of spring to any room.

Classic styles, such as 18th century or traditionalist, combine well with flowers. The opulence of these texture rich styles is the perfect setting for floral tapestries. Old Masters-style floral still lifes and flower illustrations reproductions, such as Redoute, go well in these types of rooms. Plush is the texture of choice in these inviting spaces.

Kids rooms, kitchens, and family rooms are great for floral tapestries, too. Just pick ones that are more pop art or modern in style. Family rooms can work well with classic styles, too. It just depends on your design. Even if you choose a more high-maintenance style, you'll love the easy care cleaning of many available tapestries. Often, you can just toss them in the wash. Now, that's a real benefit if you have young children.

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