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Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Home decor is challenging, even if you're a pro. If you're a regular Jane or Joe, it can sometimes seem like an overwhelming headache. Most people, when faced with decorating tasks, just throw up their hands and live with a gypsy bazaar of uncoordinated items. Other people toss the baby out with the bathwater and live in stark, monk-like simplicity, a chic, but often cold choice.

Simplifying Home Decor

Choosing the right home decor items can be tough, even if you know your style profile. If you're sentimental and live in a small space, the decision making process can be excruciating. What to keep? What to give up or leave out? Ouch.

Even if you live in a palace, the drafty old joint can get to you, if you don't have the right items to warm it up in style. It's just as easy to feel overwhelmed by a large space as a small one. In fact, in large spaces, particularly if you have rather severe tastes, it's important to choose some items for warmth and comfort.

Chances are your guests will want to feel like they're visiting a home, rather than an igloo writ large. Plush items like tapestries are now available in cool colors and modern styles. You can help visitors feel comfortable even while maintaining that Scandinavian aura. Woven throws, wall hangings, and thick carpets can make even a chic, modern space inviting.

Wrapping Home Decor Up, Comfortably

A walk through design sites or shops can be helpful. If you can locate a style, a piece, or a theme you're really in love with, it gets easier to make choices. This can form an anchor for your decision making process. Look for the quirky, the comfy, and the intriguing items that speak to you. After a while, you'll have a pretty good idea where the majority of your home decor tastes lie, and then you can find a wealth of choices to help you create your dream interior.

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