Home Decorating

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Home decorating can be a fun adventure, with the right approach. Most people don't know where to begin, when they start considering decorating improvements. If you've been living a hodgepodge sort of existence up until now it could seem pretty intimidating to rearrange your stuff. Change doesn't have to be scary.

Easy Home Decorating

Chances are, if you're a packrat like so many people are, some stuff is just going to have to go. That's okay. You can do it. The challenge is in how to choose what you keep and let go of. Obviously, anything old and not-so-charmingly distressed is a prime suspect on the to-go list. Some furniture can be refinished or re-upholstered, but be honest about whether you're really going to do it.

It's often easier to let go of old things if you look at it as creating a blank canvas for your home decorating process. In other words, focus on what you want, not what you don't. Spend some time identifying your personal style and a theme that works within that. Choose a range of colors to work with. These will all give you a foundation to create from.

Then comes the fun part--shopping! There's so much to choose from in the realm of home decorating. Even little items like pillows, tapestries, and rugs can be an inspiration. They can make your furniture choices comfortable and provide accents that make your design unique. You can choose colors that blend with your theme or spice things up with contrast. A mostly yellow-toned room might look just right with a splash of blue. You could try a ginger-jar pattern perhaps, if the space is classical in style, while turquoise accents might work better in a southwestern room. Enjoy this part of the home decorating process. It's what you've worked so hard to get to.

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