Home Furnishings

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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There are such a wide variety of home furnishings; you can create almost any kind of room your imagination can conceive. Do you long to go on permanent vacation in Tuscany? No problem. At the end of a long day, would you rather be in Tahiti? You can create that look, too.

Creativity With Home Furnishings

If you have a large space and lots of resources, you'll probably be saving yourself a headache to hire a professional designer to coordinate your home furnishings. Even if you do, though, it pays to do some research into your concept first, so have an idea of your likes and dislikes and don't end up with a look you don't like.

There are many ways to create a look. Do you want to go all out? Replacing the living room with a sandbox is probably going too far. Not that you couldn't find a home furnishings company that would build one, if you decided the mai tai's just didn't taste right without it. The easier route is to start small and see how you like looking at it every day. This is easy to achieve by combining paint colors with portable items like tapestries and throw pillows.

A warm, colorful lap blanket throw with a picture of Tuscany can sweep you instantly back to your last vacation. Combine it with a mural like wall hanging or botanical weaving and you're halfway to a brilliant look with minimal investment in home furnishings. Terra cotta accents, olives and sky blue pillows can have you thinking of sunny Tuscan skies in no time.

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