Home Textiles

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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For a modest investment, home textiles are a wonderful way to add warmth and elegance to a home. So many styles and types of textiles are available, the decorator or homeowner can create almost any design theme imaginable. Textiles can serve many functions in making a space livable, creative, and functional.

Endless Style With Home Textiles

Practically every culture on earth has used many varieties of decorative home textiles. In seeking to create a look, there are many choices. Even sleek, modern styles, such as Scandinavian, rely on thick pile rugs and wall tapestries in basic, geometric shapes and colors. Even in simple, modern homes, no one wants to walk barefoot across a cement floor or listen to the endless echo of bare walls. Textiles are great problem solvers, in that regard.

Home textiles also give the decorator endless ways to add color to a room. Particularly with tapestries, wall hangings, curtains and throw pillows, the combinations are endless. Different looks are easily changed or customized with these types of items as well. You can quickly change the tone of a room from, say, spring to fall just by putting away a few pillows and taking out others.

In terms of practicality, home textiles have a role to play here, too. Many decorative items can be purchased that are made of easily washable fabrics. If you have kids, dogs, or an active social life, this can be a lifesaver. With the advent of machine woven tapestries, throw rugs, and pillows, you can have this practical elegance for a very reasonable price, as well. It's now possible to have beauty at a price you can afford and be able to maintain it, even if you have a busy schedule.

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