Horse Tapestries

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Horse tapestries are a great decor theme. In fact, it's so popular, you'll find dozens of items decorated with many different horse-related themes. Hunt scenes and breed illustrations are the most popular choices. People love animals in general and you really can't go wrong with horse tapestries.

Great Design Leaps with Horse Tapestries

Magnificent show jumpers leap across the woven surface of an elegant horse tapestry. In the right living room, this can be a stunning conversation piece. Today's modern tapestries are woven to such a high degree of detail, they're as pretty as prints. Unlike prints though, they come with matching pillows, which can greatly simplify your decorating process.

If you have girls who are going through a 'horsey' phase, you'll love the easy care of horse tapestries. Perfect for a child's room, they can often be found in fabrics that can be machine washed and dried. If you buy a matching horse comforter, your girl is sure to be in horse heaven.

The hunting theme is popular for dens and offices as well. Elegant horse tapestries offer a charming choice for decorating these types of rooms, while coordinating pillows and other accents allow you to spread the design throughout your home. Guests will rave, and you'll be sitting pretty with a luxurious tapestry.

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