Marine Art

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Marine art is a wonderful way to get a closer look at the sea and its many creatures. Seascapes are popular, but so are other themes having to do with the ocean. Whales, dolphins and sailing ships are some of the many ways we seek to represent the sea and its many fascinating aspects.

Not All Washed Up--Marine Art Makes Great Decor

Marine art adds a note of wonder to any room. Whether it's a seascape or wildlife motif, the sea is a powerful draw for any observer. Much of its beauty lies in its ever changing appearance. This also contributes to a wide variety of art. From impressionist seascapes to fantastical paintings of mermaids and dolphins and even old nautical maps can find their way onto our walls as marine art.

Whales and dolphins are among the most delightful of the sea's creatures. If you have ever watched dolphins at play in the waves, you will have been fascinated by their merry charms. The magnificent sight of a mighty whale's back, arching spray into the air cannot help but inspire awe. With marine art, you can pay homage to the grace of these magnificent creatures in your own home.

Seascapes, with their varying moods of the sea, can lend a note of drama or air of calm to any space. A pastel-washed tropical isle can whisk you away to peaceful shores. A moody seascape with storm clouds displays the sea's might and power. Or perhaps you would prefer a noble sailing ship as an example of marine art? The clean lines of an old triple-masted schooner, her sails blown full in a gale is an example of marine art that reminds sailors of the glory of skimming atop the sea, bound for home.

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