Mohawk Home

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Mohawk Home is part of Mohawk Industries, and is one of the largest carpet and flooring manufacturers in the United States. Originally started by the Shuttleworth brothers in 1878, the company was named after the Mohawk Valley in New York State. That was the company's original location. They are currently headquartered in Calhoun, Georgia.

Innovative Mohawk Home Products

The Shuttleworth brothers created Mohawk Home's first runaway success in 1908. They introduced a new carpet design called Karnak. It remained the company's biggest selling product until 1950, when a product named Grosvenor took over that spot. In 1956, the company merged with another carpet company, Alexander Smith and Sons, giving them the advantages of the Smith company's advances in weaving technology. This made it possible for middle-class families to buy carpets for their homes.

Mohawk Home's mascot, a young Indian brave named 'Tommy Mohawk' was designed for the company by Disney Studios in 1956. Tommy was, for many decades, one of the world's most recognizable company mascots. They even designed advertising cartoons featuring the character. Tommy continues today as the Mohawk Home mascot.

Mohawk Home makes a wide array of home textile and flooring products. They continue to make affordable, elegant carpeting. They also manufacture many kinds of flooring tiles, from laminate to wood veneer to American Olean, a linoleum-type product. They also lead the way in recycling plastic soda bottles into polyester carpeting.

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