Nature Art

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Nature art is a term that covers a lot of territory. No pun intended. It's a vast category that includes pretty much everything in the natural world. If you're decorating, you can match almost any style with a nature theme. You can go from rugged vistas to delicate garden scenes and still be within this type of art.

Creating Unique Spaces with Nature Art

With the advent of the information age, most of us spend way too much time indoors. It's kind of ironic that humans are the only kind of animal that can forget they belong to Nature's kingdom. We don't really forget, actually. Deep down inside we feel funny--stifled and gray. After a while, we indoor-dwelling animals begin to get cranky, angry and out-of-sorts. Now, while a tapestry depicting a handsome buck waltzing amongst the trees is no substitute for a hike, it can serve to remind us that there is another, quieter world that we belong to.

Because nature art is such a broad category, it fits masculine rooms as well as more feminine ones. The aforementioned deer tapestry would be perfect in the den or a husband's home office space. Garden scenes, birds, butterflies, and soft colored fantasy art works well in the kitchen, powder room or a light-filled woman's office or crafts room. It's fun to experiment. Sometimes a single color can make a picture work in a room that you normally would not associate with its use.

Kids love nature and animals. Pictures of the sea and nautical themes, such as whales, surfing or mountains are great for more adventurous kids. Girls going through a horsey-phase are particularly easy to please in this category, as horses are a popular theme of nature art and many styles are available. Birds, especially reproduction vintage designs, are also wonderful for girls' rooms. You're not limited to prints either. Wall hangings, throw rugs and pillows also give you the opportunity to add design elements without having to frame them first.

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