Pet Art

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Pet art is a winning theme for interior design. Most people have pets or have owned a pet at some time in their lives. As a nation, Americans are mad about animals. Okay, so we can't take them into restaurants, like the French. That's just because there are laws here, laws about not mixing fur with food. It's not like we wouldn't take them everywhere if we could. Some people bring their best non-biped pal more places than their kids.

Pet Art for Everyone

Unless you've got some pretty severe allergies, chances are there's artwork out there with a picture of your pet. For those of you restricted to iguanas, there's pet art for you, too. Lizards are getting more popular as a theme every year. You can even find companies that will create decorative art from photos or drawings of your pet. Why needlepoint any old Persian, when you could have a pillow that looks just like Boots, your odd-eyed tortie-point?

Although cats are numerically the most popular pet in the country, dog prints may have them outnumbered. For dog lovers, there's a huge variety of illustrations of every breed imaginable. St. Bernards, chihuahuas, springer spaniels and even more exotic dogs all have prints, wall hangings, and pillows available for their fans. An elegant old-world living room would hardly be complete without some vintage pet art recreated from 18th century dog breeder's manuals.

Another popular animal depicted in pet art is the horse. Horses imply nobility, and indeed they seem most royal in their pictures. For the country-club set, the classic illustration is horses and hounds setting out on the hunt. The horses, with their arched necks and flashing hooves seem ready for the day. Girls from around ages eight to 12 often become enamored of horses and this type of art is a good theme for their rooms. They often collect images of them and can tell you the names of their favorite breeds, just as adult dog fanciers do.

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