Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Placemats are great for a lot of reasons. They're colorful, they add grace and style to any table setting. These great decorative items come in a variety of colors and are usually washable. Mats for place setting are very versatile.

Placemats For Everyone

If you have a large family with young children, you're biggest concern at mealtimes is probably just keeping the table clean. Kids are messy. Placemats make cleanup a lot easier. There are many different kid-friendly choices when it comes to these things. Fabric mats are washable, but choose a dark color. Even with moisture resistant fibers and treatments, stains are inevitable. Plastic coated placemats are a good choice for infants to toddlers, as they just wipe clean. They're not fit for company, though, so it is good to have several different sets of placemats for different levels of formality.

Holiday get-togethers and other special occasions call for different types of placemats. You can choose delicate seeming linens, but those will probably have to be dry-cleaned. Another great choice for formal dinners would be tapestry style mats.

There are a quite a variety of tapestry woven placemats on the market these days. Most are easy to clean, and the large variety of styles makes it easy to decorate according to your theme. Autumn scenes are great for Thanksgiving, while delicate florals are perfect for events like weddings and graduation. You're certain to find a design you like for your table settings.

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This is a great idea! I have some extra burlap from a prejoct gone wrong last year, and I just might have to frame some up with printed words for our kitchen!