Seascapes Art

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Seascapes art is a terrific way to add some drama to a room. The power and magnetism of the sea has drawn human beings to its shores for centuries. With all the many interior design items on the market with nautical themes, you can have a bit of the sea in your home.

The Romance of Seascapes Art

Almost everyone has some memory of the ocean. Even people who grow up in the landlocked center of the United States will express a wish to visit the ocean. It's as if we collectively wish to return to the sea from which all life once emerged.

This may be why the sea exerts such a powerful influence over us all. Seascapes art has probably been created since primitive man picked up charcoal. A source of bounty for life, food and ever changing vistas, the sea never ceases to fascinate human beings.

Sunsets, storms, clear days--the sea has many moods. No wonder that sailors and others whose lives depend upon it feel that the sea is alive. Even calm, it seems to breathe, with the rising and falling of its waters. Seascapes art is a wonderful reminder of that beauty and changeability. Through diverse media, such as painting, tapestries, photography and many more, man has sought to capture the essence of the sea, but perhaps it would be more accurate to say the sea has captured man. Many art pieces that capture a bit of the sea are quite affordable, as this is such a popular theme it is available in any medium, any style, and for a wide range of costs. With beautiful seascapes art, you bring a small piece of the sea's eternal drama to your home.

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