Tapestry Bell Pulls

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Tapestry bell pulls are charming decorative items that are frequently overlooked. They really shouldn't be, as they are small and delightful ways to decorate a small space. Used for their original purpose, they can also add to the visitor's positive first impression at the entrance to a home.

Beautiful Bell Pulls

Many people have seen tapestry bell pulls and just didn't know what they were. Originally attached to the announcement bell at the entrance to a home, the bell pull was exactly that--a strip of fabric attached to a bell. In old homes, the visitor at the door tugged at the pull to let the occupants know he was standing outside.

These once useful strips of fabric are rarely attached to bells these days, but have evolved into decorative items that add charm to the entrance of a home. A narrow strip of woven, embroidered, quilted or other handcrafted fabric is usually hung near the front door. Since these pieces are small, they can be changed frequently. Sentiments such as "Welcome to Our Home," "Merry Christmas," "Happy Hanukkah" and such are common. Many bell pulls have no message and are simply decorative designs that reflect some theme of the home, such as flowers, fruit, wine, or outdoor themes.

Since bell pulls are small, they can, and often are, used to decorate small spaces throughout the home. Not restricted to the front door or entrance hall, bell pulls may make an appearance in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or home office. Needlepoint is a favorite style for the person who likes to sew, while tapestry pulls add a similar cozy touch in an off-the-shelf product. They also make great gifts for housewarmings and holidays.

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