Tapestry Pillows

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Tapestry pillows are a boon to the interior decorator. Whether you're a pro or just a creative homebody, pillows can add dimension to your living space. You can brighten up a dull room, perk up a fading piece of furniture and create new looks with them. You can even cheer someone up, by giving them a soft, colorful tapestry pillow.

Making the Most Out of Tapestry Pillows

You can create so many effects with tapestry pillows. Try using one or two complimentary designs and nesting them among solid color pillows that match their various colors. Rustic designs go elegantly in the den or living room. You can match a nature scene on a wall hanging or painting, such as a mountain or forest panorama, with pillows that have animals you might see there. Try ducks with a lake scene, or wild forest creatures, such as foxes and birds, with a painting of the mountains.

Tapestry pillows with floral designs look great nestled among pillows that pick up their contrasting colors. This is an especially good effect in more sober, classic-themed rooms, to spice it up a touch without being garish. A depiction of lilacs, for example can be paired with lavender and periwinkle pillows. A lively, spring green, to match the foliage would work, too.

Matching tapestry sets can be found for certain designs as well. This enables you to keep a theme running subtly through the room. Don't just hang the wall tapestry, table runners, and pillows too close together. It will look too similar and, thus, boring. You want to strive towards a more natural appearance. Ideally, in good interior design, nothing calls too much attention itself. Unique pieces should blend with the rest to create a whole concept. Tapestry pillows are one small way to bridge that gap.

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