Tapestry Wall Hangings

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Tapestry wall hangings solve interior decorating problems for many people. With advances in machine weaving techniques, beautiful, detailed wall hangings are available for almost any space and price. You can create many wonderful looks with versatile woven textiles.

Versatile Tapestry Wall Hangings

Apartment dwellers love tapestry wall hangings. Often, you can't decorate or modify your walls without losing your deposit. The colors favored by most landlords, however, are usually bland and, well, cheap. Cheap frequently means ugly and who wants to live with that? Wall hangings give you the ability to add color while keeping your landlord happy.

People who live in temporary housing such as students and military personnel are often reluctant to invest much in their living spaces. They know they will be moving on soon, so putting a lot into a space is just not worth it. Tapestry wall hangings are a great solution. You can just roll up your style and take it with you--and it doesn't have to cost a lot, either.

Tapestry wall hangings are a boon to the homeowner as well. Tapestries fill up large rooms while adding warmth. They add color to bare walls and soften echoing spaces with ease. The level of detail available in today's high-end wall hangings make them a practical alternative to expensive paintings, while allowing the designer to match many classic themes.

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