Wall Art

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Wall art is a major decorating item. Styles change however, so how do you choose pieces you can live with? Getting to know your own style and sticking with it can keep you from making expensive mistakes you'll regret later. But how do you do that, if you don't already know what works for you?

Choosing Wall Art

Familiarizing yourself with your style is as simple as making a list. If you're really in the dark, keep a small notepad with you for a week or two. Whenever you see something you like, write it down. This can be any kind of item, not just wall art. If you don't know what period or culture an item is from, ask someone. People are usually glad to share information about a favorite possession. Storeowners can really help you discover your style as well. What colors do you tend to have around you? What's in your wardrobe? Do you like Celtic knotwork or Eames chairs?

After you review your notes, it should be pretty easy to see what your preferences are. Now choosing wall art gets a lot easier. You can go with a classic look from ancient Greece to Colonial. You might prefer a sweet 'cottage' style, like the illustrations of Thomas Kinkade. Ethnic themes like African, Irish or Polynesian might appeal to you.

From tiki room to temple, there is a multitude of choices in wall art. One of the most versatile is an ancient art that's making a comeback in a wide choice of styles--tapestry. From wall hangings to accent pillows, modern machine weaving technology has made the durable elegance of tapestry fabrics available to all.

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