Wall Decor

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Choosing wall decor can be a challenge. Do you live in a small dorm room or a mansion? Size matters, as does permanence. Congratulations to you, if you own your own home. If you're renting, though, you know how difficult it can be to make your space livable.

Wall Decor Made Simple

There are many forms of wall decor available, from wallpaper to curtains to paintings and posters. Few forms of wall decor are as versatile as tapestry, however.
Tapestry is an art that has been practiced by humanity since the sewing needle was invented. When weaving and cloth embroidery became big, tapestry really took off as decorating choice. With the advent of the industrial textile industry, this type of decorations available to all.

The really nice pieces of tapestry used to belong only to the nobility, back in the Middle Ages. Nobody else had time to make them. Most people were too busy digging up rutabagas. These days, however, modern technology has made tapestry available to everyone.

The fabric comes in a variety of forms, such as wall hangings (the classic), accent pillows, and comfy lap rugs. Styles suitable for every home and budget are available. Luxurious wall-hangings look wonderful in a large room. Students and renters will be glad to hear that you can roll up your tapestry wall decor and take it with you. Plus, a tapestry is a great way to add color to your space without forfeiting your rent deposit. They're one of the great solutions to your decorating problems and well worth considering.

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