Wildlife Art

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Wildlife art is a favorite decorative theme for many people. Animal lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike appreciate wildlife decor if handled tastefully. You can go in many different directions with animal themes. Formal or casual styles work just as well, if you choose your materials wisely.

Wildlife Art--For Animal Lovers and Others

Kids are some of the biggest animal lovers, and wildlife art is usually a big hit when incorporated in themes for children. Younger children often like dinosaurs and big cats. Tigers and leopards are great for any age group because of their terrific visual possibilities. Animal prints at all levels of sophistication are widely available and make great coordinating accents.

For adults, animal prints can be either masculine, in a 'gentleman's club' style, or romantically exotic. The masculine style usually combines dark woods and jewel tones with prints and nature scenes. The more feminine 'exotic' style relies more heavily on wildlife art for walls, wall hangings and throw pillows, with lighter wall colors, such as gold, sand or tan as the dominant color. Chiffon and other light fabrics in animal prints are used subtly to support the theme.

Some great wildlife art can be found in tapestries and throw pillows. A noble lion gazing out from the tan upholstery can be a perfect accent. Tiger stripes are wildly popular too. You can even get woven versions of the classic 'tiger-skin rug' without harming this endangered species. In fact, if you want to do something nice for the planet, some manufacturers donate a portion of your purchase to the welfare of wild animals. Now that's a smart decorating idea!

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