Wine Tapestries

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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For those who love to entertain, wine tapestries make the perfect interior decorating accents. You'll love them for gift-giving, too. A great idea for the avid wine collector or gourmet, there are many styles to choose from. Finding that "just right" gift just got easier.

Making Merry With Wine Tapestries

Wine is a symbol of good times spent with friends and family. What more perfect decoration for the family or dining room than a wine tapestry? Red or white, there's a vintage for everyone. The luxury of woven tapestry fabric really adds to the warmth of a room as well.

For the wine lover, you could hardly pick a better gift. Particularly if they have every vintage you were likely to give them anyway. Wine tapestries come in wall hanging and throw rug styles that are sure to light up the table wherever they're unwrapped. If you are trying to foster a Tuscan or Provencal feel in your home, a wine tapestry could be the perfect thing.

Wine tapestries are great gifts for the office as well. Men love them as much as women do. A cozy throw or lap rug is really appreciated for its warmth, as well as its sentiment. What better way to wish someone more good times in the years ahead than with a design of--wine? Salut!

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