10 Inch Table Saw

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The 10 inch table saw offers all the power of a full-size saw but with the portability of a smaller model. If your workshop space is limited, but you still require the strength of a high-powered saw, a 10 inch blade is the perfect compromise. If that still proves too cumbersome, there are always 8 inch table saws from which to choose as well.

The "universal" motor or "brush" variety of the 10 inch table saw is the most common variety. Its name derives from its universal acceptance of 50- or 60-cycle currents of both the direct and alternating stripes. This is in marked contrast to the "induction" motor, which runs at marginally lower speeds but is quieter than a universal saw. Both types have their inherent pros and cons, so it's important to do adequate research in advance of making any purchase.

Your 10 Inch Table Saw

The Tradesman 10 inch table saw features an impressive lineup of stats and specs that will win over any knowledgeable home-improvement veteran. For one, the Tradesman is powered by a 13-amp motor that's designed with safety in mind. Its built-in thermal protector monitors the unit's amperage and ensures that it stays below a set level. If this barrier is surpassed, the unit will automatically shut down until it's cooled back to a safe temperature.

The 10 inch table saw also comes complete with a three-inch aluminum fence face for improved support and safety, an aluminum miter gauge, and a carbide-tipped blade for precision cutting. Any new piece of woodworking equipment you buy should come fully backed by a manufacturer's warranty, which the Tradesman does. Your investment is way too valuable to leave unprotected, so if your vendor fails to provide a reasonable guarantee against defects, it's time to find a new retailer altogether.

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