8 Inch Table Saws

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Most 8 inch table saws match the power and accuracy of any 10 inch table saw. So why bother buying a more expensive 10 inch blade in the first place? Opting for an 8 inch blade over its 10 inch counterpart reduces the price of your blades, extends their life expectancy, increases the saw's cutting power, and is easier on your motor.

With that many benefits, it's clear why the Tradesman 8 inch table saws are so popular, even if they can only handle about 90 percent of the tasks that a 10 inch blade can. If you're a professional builder or contractor, it's well worth having both tools at the ready. But if cost is a limiting factor, a strong case can be made for the smaller model, which offers all the same essential benefits as its bigger brother.

Handling Your 8 Inch Table Saws

Your 8 inch table saws run off the very same motor that powers the 10 inch model. That means the same 13-amp juice, cast-aluminum table, and ergonomic features are all still in place. Change out your blade for any substitute that will better serve you in highly specialized tasks. Choose from carbide-tip blades, hollow ground blades, rip saw blades, and dado plates to cut grooved rabbets, saw through boards, or handle any other imposing challenge.

As with most wood working tools, you can save considerably by passing up a trip to your local hardware store and instead buying your supplies through an online dealer. That way you avoid exorbitant markups, the headache of driving around town, fighting lines and traffic, and making repeat trips to pick up accessories and parts that weren't included with your first purchase. A good online retailer will stand behind its saw blades, drill presses, or any other woodworking product by offering full warranties and addressing your questions and concerns through an easily navigable FAQ index.

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I don't think Makita makes an

I don't think Makita makes an 8" saw - at least, I wasn't able to find an 8" saw on their official website. You'd have to go with a different brand if you want an 8" saw.

where can you find an 8 inch

where can you find an 8 inch Makita portable saw
please email back if you know where I can get one