Arbor Plans

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Having solid arbor plans is the key to building a beautiful gateway to your garden. If you're a veteran home-improvement guru, you already know that presentation and style are just as important as practicality and function when it comes to your home's structures and accents. A garden arbor is a perfect example of said form; it welcomes your guests into your front or back yard and essentially introduces them to your flowers and plants.

Just as theaters and movies use marquees as portals or gateways into magical worlds, arbors represent a threshold into your own kingdom. If you've spent countless days toiling in the dirt, composting, planting, and watering, don't let that effort go unnoticed. Showcase your efforts by allowing visitors to pass through a stately sunburst or sunrise arbor with their ornamental trellises woven through with roses or any flower of your choice.

Working from Arbor Plans

Like gazebos, arbors are stand-alone structures, which makes construction easier. There are no other variables to consider such as your home's siding or coordinating the structure's layout with that of your pool, deck, or garage. All you need is your complete materials list, the right set of wood working tools, and the discipline to stick to the design blueprint. In a matter of days (or even hours), your arbor is ready to go.

There are arbor plans on the market for classic structures, arched and level entranceways, and gathering and walkway arbors. Your woodworking plans will depend on the type of arbor you've chosen and should therefore be adaptable enough to accommodate any changes you might want to make. You can always add customized extras after you've completed building, so don't despair if your out-of-the-box arbor isn't exactly the final product you were hoping for.

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