Brad Nailers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you routinely tackle crating, trim, window and door casings, cabinet work, or wall-paneling, brad nailers are a central part of your wood working tools arsenal. Your brad nailer can be your greatest ally in tight spots and around blind corners. If you find yourself repeatedly running into such situations in your around-the-house projects, a good nailer is an absolute must.

Most brad nailers are built for 18-gauge nails of anywhere from three-eighths-of-an-inch to one-and-a-quarter inches. You can also swap in staples if need be, all the way up to the full inch-long models. In addition to its versatility, your brad nailer is built to give you maximum comfort, which means you get the ergonomic fit you need for repeated firings, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

Other Features of Brad Nailers

Air nailers not only protect your muscles and joints thanks to their smart design, they preserve your wood surface as well. With a no-mar rubber tip, your nailer is guaranteed never to leave a mark on your lumber, even when firing at its maximum PSI. You'll never have to pop open your nailer's magazine either in order to check for jams and other problems. A built-in side window lets you peer inside and survey your fasteners to make sure they're all properly aligned.

When you're shopping for the perfect nailer, it's worth bearing in mind that many of the latest brands boast these same amenities. That's why you'll want to find a retailer who offers at least a three-year full-service warranty to go with it, to protect against defects and other flaws. While a warranty won't ensure you in the event of loss or damage, it will give you the peace of mind that the nailer you bought is manufactured to the highest craftsmanship standards.

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