Carved Wood Molding

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A carved wood molding is like the spoiler on your sports car. It ostensibly provides some useful function, but is really just there for show. But what a show it can be, provided you take the time to choose a quality embossed molding to give your walls or cabinets the accents they deserve.

There's a huge selection of carved wood moldings on the market, so choose your design with care. Wine glass moldings, rope and dentil moldings, rope crown moldings, and double-cut moldings are just a smattering of the add-ons in most artists' and designers' catalogs. There's no single "right" wood molding for everybody, so pick the one that works best with the look you're trying to achieve in a given room or on a particular wall.

More Details on Carved Wood Moldings

When you buy your moldings through a home improvement store, you agree to purchase pre-determined lengths. This can spell trouble if your custom home is filled with irregular dimensions. You can always cut your moldings down to size, but doing so can prove wasteful, especially when it comes to designer moldings.

That's one of the biggest advantages of hiring a custom wood carving specialist. He or she will not only help choose the style of molding that's most appropriate for your project but also measure out the precise length and width you need. Whether you settle on oak, cherry, maple, pine, or any other type of wood, a good master wood carver will be able to procure the medium you want and install it for a reasonable price.

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