Deck Plans

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Even experts in the field of home improvement must have dependable deck plans in place before setting out to build a deck in their backyards. Fortunately, there are plenty of plans available on the Web and through your local home and garden store. Trying to build a plan yourself from scratch could be fraught with difficulties, unless of course you're a professional engineer or architect.

Decks are as individual as the houses to which they're attached. There are contemporary curved decks, casual curved decks, angular low-level decks, and multi-level decks, just to name a few. Some are designed with space for a spa or jacuzzi, while others have planters for flowers and shrubs.

Working from Deck Plans

You don't need an advanced degree in order to follow a basic blueprint for building your home's deck. all you really need is a willingness and ambition, along with a shed or workshop full of wood working tools. Deck-building requires many specialized techniques that are most easily accomplished by those with professional woodworking equipment.

If there are major gaps in your collection, you'll need to go out and procure a few items, some of which may be expensive. If your deck plans call for a router, a mortiser, or a miter saw, and you don't have the hundreds of dollars it takes to purchase them, you can always contact a rental house that can lease you the proper tools. If you think, however, that deck-building will only lead to other projects of a similar scope, you're better off buying the tools outright instead.

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Good picture. The chest is very nice and I heevasen both it and the tool in person.Keep up the good work.I guess I have not seen the hardware except the hinges.Do you plan on a latch or locking device?