Fine Furniture

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you're in the market for fine furniture, you have a few potential options. You can plunk down big money for store-bought designer furniture that you'd find in a high-end catalog, or you can have your furniture custom built for your home. While many shoppers are more than content to buy exquisite chairs and armoires from foreign designers, some do-it-yourself types would rather develop their furniture from scratch.

The appeal of this latter option is understandable, especially if you're a licensed contractor or home improvement-minded individual. If you've taken years to design your own home from scratch, hire the builder, and oversee every aspect of the project, why go and spoil your signature work by buying someone else's interior creations? You might as well have purchased a fully furnished tract home in the first place.

Order Your Own Fine Furniture

The alternative is to hire out a wood carving specialist who can give you the hands-on attention you deserve. You may pay a little more for these services, but the investment will pay off in singular pieces that provide your home with wonderful accents. Commission your own coffee table or clock and choose the appropriate level of detail. You may want a subtle floral pattern along the trim, rough-hewn edges, or a lacquered finish on simple pine or oak.

Another benefit of custom building your own furniture is the chance to accessorize your pieces. Give your living room or den a unifying theme by sticking with all mahogany or butternut, or choose a wildlife or nautical motif. The choices are only limited by your own imagination, as there are fine furniture builders who can produce anything you dream up.

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