Fisch Log Splitter

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A Fisch log splitter comes packed with impressive specs, and all in a highly compact design. You get four tons of force from a 3400-RPM, 20-amp motor that kicks out a full two horses. That adds up to more than 100 accurate and effortless splits in one hour. Just try that with your maul and wedge.

Moreover, the Fisch log splitter checks in a mere 95 pounds and only 39 inches in length. Yet it still handles wood rounds nearly two feet long and over a foot wide without breaking a sweat. Better still, the machine is self-lubricating, so all that splitting won't dull your blades or prematurely burn out your motor.

Using Your Fisch Log Splitter

Your log splitter is the perfect tool for chopping lumber rounds for use in custom furniture, building improvements, or just firewood to help keep you warm in the winter. Use it to build support legs for a wood or glass coffee table, a homemade stool, or a hand-carved chair for your den or living room. The Fisch is also perfect for commercial and industrial jobs, as its precision engineering yields accurate cuts and requires little or no maintenance.

Like other woodworking power tools, however, a good mechanical log splitter doesn't come cheap. With a little effort, though, it's possible to find efficient, compact, and powerful machines for under 500 dollars. Many of these deals are available exclusively through internet-based parts retailers, so pass up a trip to your local Home Depot and order online instead.

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