Free Scroll Saw Patterns

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Some tool manufacturers offer free scroll saw patterns as part of their incentive packages. You can always go to your local crafts or hardware store and purchase a book full of patterns to follow, but why not pick up a few more for no additional cost? If you're planning on buying a new scroll saw to create your own decorative crafts, following a few pre-cut patterns is a good way to hone your skills.

It's estimated that over nine million Americans practice scroll cutting either as a pastime or as part of their professions. It's not surprising, then, that there are thick books replete with custom patterns featuring everything from cars and trucks to barnyard animals. There are nativity patterns, Shaker furniture designs, templates for kids' toys and games, and thousands of others as well.

Get Free Scroll Saw Patterns Online

If there's already a scroll saw among your wood working tools collection, and you still want access to a few free scroll saw patterns, check the Web for all the options you can handle. There are woodworking sites that specialize in patterns for engraving, carving, and, of course, cutting and sawing. Oftentimes these are available for free download.

If you've got other woodworking projects on the back burner that you know will require some form of decorative design, browse the millions of patterns on the Internet for a few fresh ideas. In the interim, you may need to invest in some fresh blades of varying thicknesses in order to accommodate your cuttings. Fortunately, there are also packages available from your online dealer that bundle several blades into one, and all for a reasonable price.

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