Hand Carved Wooden Boxes

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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It seems as though there are hand carved wooden boxes in every family's lineage. Without fail, someone's great grandmother or great aunt received a hand carved ornament box from one of her forebears, who in turn received it from someone even farther up the matrilineal line. It sometimes seems as though there are more boxes than there are things to put in those boxes.

But nowadays few of the jewelry boxes, cigar cases, and other treasure chests you see are the genuine articles. Instead, a multinational home-goods retailer spits out a characterless, flavorless case with no discernible grain, smell, or other accents and sticks it on a shelf where it sells for $5.99. If our collective great-great-grandmothers walked down the aisles of Ikea today they'd be horrified at the mass-produced carpentry that's passed off as craftsmanship.

Can You Still Find Hand Carved Wooden Boxes?

Without attending an estate sale, the answer might appear to be no. But there are wood carving artists who specialize in oak, pine, and mahogany boxes, just to name a few. These artists produce striking, authentic, detailed carvings that double as practical vessels for jewelry, collectibles, love letters, or anything else you can think to stuff inside.

Choose whatever type of detail you please for your hand carved wooden boxes, from vine leaves to seashells to wildlife vistas. Enlist the service of a local wood carver in your area to help you design and produce a rugged but elegant handmade box. Then one day you can pass it along to your great-great-grandchildren who will eye it with as much suspicion as you did the first time your grandmother pulled hers down from that closet shelf.

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