Log Splitters

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Whether you're chopping lumber for your latest project or simply cutting firewood down to a reasonable size, log splitters can make your job practically effortless. Many weekend lumberjacks opt for the maul and wedge routine to handle their woodcutting needs, but this can require brute force as well as constant vigilance. Log splitters also require meticulous care, but come with a few important safety features to help prevent common chopping injuries.

The most important safeguard available is a safety button that must be depressed for the splitter to operate. One hand remains on the button while the other guides the hydraulic lever. And the two are physically separated enough to prevent accidental engagement and the injuries that can result.

The Power of Log Splitters

There's no reason to cut wood rounds by hand when, for a few hundred dollars, you can invest in a splitter that can handle over 100 logs an hour. Chop rounds of up to 20 inches long and one foot in diameter thanks to a two-horsepower electric motor that generates as much as four tons of force. With specs like these, you might imagine a unit weighing a couple of hundred pounds. But there are machines that operate at this capacity that check in at under 100 pounds.

If your woodworking projects require heavy-duty tools that are reliable and easily maintained, there's no substitute for quality log splitters. It may not be as romantic as the image of the rugged outdoorsman felling an old pine or spruce, but the end result is the same. So why not avail yourself of wood working tools that maximize your efficiency and give you more time to concentrate on other challenges--like rubbing those two sticks together in the fireplace.

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