Palm Air Nailers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Palm air nailers let you throw out your old stick and nail coils in favor of a more efficient and precise tool for all your hammering needs. A palm air nailer not only matches the performance of a standard hammer, it does so in a fraction of the space and time needed to manually drive a nail into a wood surface. And a standard tip on your air nailer can accommodate nails ranging in size from six to 50D, so you have more than enough versatility.

With palm air nailers, no trigger is required. This not only reduces the fatigue that comes with repetitive squeezing, it also lets you keep a more ergonomic grip, which can further reduce musculoskeletal stress. If you're installing joist hangers and don't have much room to navigate, never fear, your handheld air nailer can maneuver through the tightest spots and still deliver top-notch results.

More About Palm Air Nailers

Palm air nailers are meant to be lightweight, typically about three pounds, to make your most grueling tasks that much easier. If you've ever operated a full-size nail gun, you know how taxing it can be simply to hoist and balance it, never mind firing it and receiving the pinpoint results you demand. Of all your wood working tools, your palm air nailer is one of the easiest to maintain; a daily lube and it's back into tip-top condition without any further cleaning.

Another option is to purchase an entire palm nailer kit, which lets you save money by consolidating all your hammering needs into one. In addition to your nailer you receive a protective glove, multiple conversion kits, a wrench, oil, and a handsome carrying case. For veteran home-improvement gurus, this is a fine all-in-one package that will save you the hassle of tracking down loose parts and equipment you'd still need to buy in addition to your new nailer.

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