Plastic Storage Bins

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Plastic storage bins aren't the most glamorous addition to your workshop, but they may be the smartest. Nobody ever misplaces a drill press or a wood turning lathe, but what about brads, nails, screws, tacks, and other minuscule accessories? Where in the world do these things disappear to?

If you've ever spent several minutes hunting around your dusty workshop floor for a ball bearing, joint, screw or any other microscopic part, you know the value of a good tip-out storage bin. An effective bin will give you durable trays, multiple dividers, and stacking options that let you free up your valuable floor space. Most such products also come with pre-drilled mounting holes to make wall storage an option as well.

Stay Organized with Plastic Storage Bins

If you've got countless drill bits, attachments, thumb screws, and other fasteners lying about, plastic storage bins can give you the motivation you need to finally clean up your shop. All it takes is one miscalculation--say, the wrong-size flex jaw spring clamp--and your project can fall apart at the seams (literally!). Don't take your chances by grabbing the closest available part that seems to fit the task at hand when better organization helps ensure that the right accessory is always available.

If you've got several woodworking projects going at once, you probably have all manner of paraphernalia scattered throughout your shed or shop. This can increase the odds of you, a family member, or a pet stepping on a nail or tack. So take the same initiative in tidying up your workspace as you do in drilling your mortise holes or beveling your edges and invest in some impact-resistant polystyrene trays.

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