Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A sliding compound miter saw is the perfect addition to any woodcutter's tool shed. Not only can it handle all the angling of a standard miter saw, but the beveling of a compound miter as well. And, thanks to its unique design, it has far more latitude than either of its forerunners.

The great innovation of the sliding compound miter saw is ball-bearing-mounted assembly, which slides back and forth in addition to its usual up-and-down movement. This means that foot-long angled cuts are a breeze as the assembly unit rides along its precision ground shafts. It also requires minimal force to cut through the workpiece cleanly, saving your joints and muscles the extra effort.

Why Use a Sliding Compound Miter Saw?

If you're working on trim or molding projects to spruce up your home and don't want to spend the extra money to hire a builder, a sliding compound miter saw is a good place to put that extra money. With your investment, you'll quickly see dividends in the form of more precise beveling than you'd get from typical compound miter saws. And the depth-of-cut control offered by the sliding saw means you can repeatedly pass through your established cuts and avoid binding and warping.

In some cases, miter saws may also be purchased as part of a full accessories package. This often includes dust bags to collect sawdust and other debris, steel stop blocks for even greater control, and extension wings to help accommodate longer woodblocks. Once you've been exposed to all these convenient options you'll wonder how you ever managed to handle your sawing jobs with your antiquated tools.

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