Written by Jeremy Horelick
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When most people think of statues, they think of the Lincoln Memorial, Michaelangelo's David, or the Statue of Liberty. The idea of showcasing a statue of your own in your home may sound far-fetched, but it's a popular option among homeowners with a flair for style. Home statues aren't meant to look like national landmarks, of course. They're usually smaller sculptures that are worked into a pool or landscape for a rustic old-world effect.

What kind of statue is right for your home? It all depends on the theme you're shooting for, but some of the most common statues are those of animals, godesses, and nymphs. Figures of Aphrodite, Pan, and assorted goblins and imps are all par for the course when creating a playful wonderland for squirrels, mice, chipmunks, and other critters. Naturally, you're not building your oasis for them alone; your style choices should reflect your own tastes too.

Other Festive Statues

Animal statues remain favorites of home designers and builders for several reasons. One is that they're less likely to offend than, say, religious statues, which some people may appreciate more than others. But rabbits, roosters, crocodiles, and deer are not only secular, they're also more organic to your garden, atrium, or yard. Of course, if you live in Minneapolis or Buffalo, an alligator statue may earn more than a few puzzled looks. But if your home is nestled back in the woods, a gazelle or fox will look right at home in its natural environment.

It's not only naturalists who take advantage of such wood carvings. When the holidays roll around, Santa Claus statues start popping up, well, like rabbits (not rabbit statues). Wood carved Santas add a touch of Christmas spirit, whether they're interior or exterior additions to your home. Unlike many of the more "natural" sculptures, Santas tend to be vividly colored to honor the winter holiday. While Santas make for spirited late-December gifts, they're usually available year-round either online or at home and garden stores.

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