Tradesman Miter Saws

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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There are several different models of Tradesman miter saws that are appropriate for hobbyists, builders, or those who are simply fond of industrial equipment. The standard Tradesman saw is designed to make angled cuts in both hard and soft surfaces thanks in part to its impressive nine-amp ball-bearing motor. It features a blade speed of up to 4500 RPM, a built-in brake for added safety, and a host of other special features.

Tradesman also offers compound miter saws that achieve many of the same ends as standard miter saws. The difference is, it also includes bevel cutting that makes trim and molding work significantly easier, yet doesn't sacrifice any of the standard operations. Framers in particular get added mileage out of compound angles, which are joined together with any one of several hidden fasteners such as a mortiser and tenon.

More Permutations of Tradesman Miter Saws

Tradesman takes the art of mitering one step further with sliding compound miter saws. These allow their users to make even longer crosscuts, all the way up to 12 inches, thanks in part to a ball-bearing mount that lets the motor assembly slide back and forth. Standard miter saws are limited to downward movements, so if you have unique molding or framing needs, a sliding model might work best.

All Tradesman miter saws come backed by a full five-year warranty including two years of coverage on the motor. Better still, when you buy online you can shave, if you will, significant dollars off your cost by buying directly from the manufacturer. This not only cuts out all the price markups, but the hassle of trekking out to your local hardware store as well.

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