Tradesman Scroll Saws

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Tradesman scroll saws offer several distinct advantages over the standard band saw. First, scroll saws are able to cut interiors because of their thin blades, which can be placed inside drilled holes. In this manner, a scroll saw operates, in effect, like a drill press.

Second, a scroll saw can carve tight radii, again, thanks to the width of its blade. The constant revolving of a band saw makes it impossible to match this type of cut, no matter how good your model. If your carving pattern demands a sudden right-angle turn, the Tradesman scroll saw can handle it with no problem.

More Features of Tradesman Scroll Saws

Tradesman scroll saws also offer dust-removal systems that clear sawdust out of the path of your blade. If you're working on a small scale and straining to follow a pre-cut pattern that's only microns wide, even a moderate amount of dust can obscure your path and frustrate your efforts. Moreover, this type of removal system helps keep dust out of your nose and mouth as well.

Like some miter saws, scroll saws boast variable speed settings that can be adjusted in accordance with the materials you're using. Soft metals and hardwoods are easier to cut with high-speed blades, while softwoods and other more pliable media require less ferocity. Your scroll saw, like all good woodworking equipment, is made to be customizable no matter what the scope or nature of your project.

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this is just a really kool puodrct with a real nice fit feel and finish. It works fantastic with my Most handy for those odd rips where you need the board on edge say for angles over 45deg.