Tradesman Table Saws

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Tradesman table saws are a great introduction for first-time cutters and offer several outstanding benefits. Aside from its obvious capabilities (miter sawing, ripping, cross-cutting), it's the Tradesman's price that makes it such an attractive buy for many beginners. A 10 inch table saw, for example, starts around 150 dollars, about half the cost of a comparable brand's version of that same machine.

Aside from their low price point, Tradesman table saws seduce with a suite of specs including a robust 20 x 27-inch work surface that expands even further with the right accessories. Beyond that, some of the Tradesman's bigger units are fashioned from cast-iron, not the typical die-cast aluminum found on most bench saws. While this can weigh the Tradesman down a bit (you're not buying it in order to move it, are you?) it also provides for improved accuracy in cutting, which is far more important.

The Versatility of Tradesman Table Saws

The best woodworking power tools can all accomplish more than one thing, and Tradesman table saws are no different. Use it for crosscutting (cutting across the wood's grain), rip sawing (cutting with the grain), or miter sawing (crosscutting at an angle). All of these techniques can be used to expand the range of aesthetic and stylistic options available to you as you construct furniture, accents, and accessories for your home.

You can always swap out your saw blade for a smaller one and derive greater benefit from the power you conserve. Go from a 10 inch table saw blade to an 8 inch blade and notice the spike in your motor's performance. You'll still get a cut that's deep enough to satisfy your original blueprint, but you'll also reduce the strain on your motor to give your saw a much longer life.

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