Wood Carved Santas

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Get into the yuletide spirit with kitschy wood carved Santas. No one ever claimed that small Santa Claus statuettes are the apotheosis of high culture, but that doesn't mean they aren't without their artistic merit. Wood carved Santas employ the same sophisticated carving techniques as fireplace mantels, architectural columns, and other design elements.

A good Santa demands strong three-dimensional carving skills, advanced tools, and a true vision to guide you through to the end. Even with pre-packaged Santa Carving Kits (they do exist), it still takes real discipline to master the patterns from each angle and create a "balanced" Santa. The next time you write off a wood carved Santa as cheap or gaudy, consider the earnest effort that went into its manufacture (provided it isn't a cheap wooden Santa cranked out by an assembly line).

The Fun of Wood Carved Santas

Wood carved Santas invariably turn up each year, starting about mid-to-late October. Once the Halloween decorations come down, the Christmas lights go up, and with them all manner of festive Christmas gear. Some people put them at the base of their chimneys (where the real Santa emerges), while others prefer them at their front doors, in their kitchens (near the cookies, carrots, and milk), and even outside to greet guests.

Santas also make excellent gifts once winter rolls around. Choose from hand-painted red-and-green Santas, multi-colored Santas in unorthodox shades and hues (does St. Nick ever really wear blue and green?), as well as a full complement of wooden elves. Many of these characters represent hours and hours of careful labor and technical expertise, two requirements for any successful handmade wood carving.

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