Wood Engraving Tools

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Wood engraving tools allow you to add your own signature to generic or unadorned furniture and other crafts. There are more than 10 million Americans who today practice carving and engraving, if not as a part of their careers then as recreational hobbyists. Carving is not only especially rewarding--there's great pride that comes with finishing a long-term project--but therapeutic as well. Just as some people enjoy knitting or crocheting, others find that carving helps take their attention away from the world's problems by letting them focus on a labor-intensive task.

There's great variety in the world of wood engraving tools. There are instruments for the low-relief carving of woodblocks, engraving jewelry, bone, metal, or animal eggs, and a host of other implements. One of the most common of these is the Turbo Carver, which uses an air pump to direct a highly concentrated stream at the surface in question.

More Details on Wood Engraving Tools

Pens such as the Turbo Carver also rely on filters and other straining mechanisms to keep particles out of the tools' front bearings. This translates to a more precise point for smaller-scale work such as vine leaves, flowers, and other traditional ornamentation. Oftentimes these filters are only several microns wide, so the technology behind their craftsmanship is impressive. This, of course, can translate to a higher price tag as well.

But there are wood engraving tools that come at an affordable cost. Many of these include the "misting" machines, air filters, carbide and diamond burs, along with air compressors all in one convenient package. This can save you time when scurrying about town looking for the right woodworking equipment. Once you've chosen your wood species, all you need to do is acquaint yourself with the tools in your kit and set about designing the custom crafts you want for your home or office.

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